New Member Calendar

The New Member period is an exciting, eight-week period designed for new members to become familiar with the essentials of Delta Gamma and to form relationships with chapter members and fellow new members. During this time, new members meet weekly to review basic Fraternity education, clarify the privilege and responsibility of lifelong membership to Delta Gamma, and grow closer as new sisters!

Bid Day! This marks the very beginning of the New Member period. On this day, chapter members welcome new members to Eta Theta and celebrate with a fun-filled activity full of opportunities to meet sisters.

Big/Little Reveal. This is an exciting day where each new member gets a Big Sister. The bond between a Big and a Little is oftentimes one of the most treasured friendships built during a Delta Gamma’s college career.

Initiation. A special day in every Eta Theta’s heart, Initiation is the ceremony  where new members are formally welcomed to Delta Gamma and learn about the ritual that binds every Delta Gamma together.