Recruitment Events

Formal Recruitment is scheduled for Labor Day Weekend, 2020. There are five separate days for recruitment: Rotationals Night 1, Rotationals Night 2, Philanthropy Night, Preference Day, and Bid Day. Recruitment is a mutual selection process. Each Potential New Member (PNM) will be put into recruitment groups. The groups will be facilitated by a Recruitment Counselor, who is a disaffiliated sorority woman.

If you are interested in registering for Formal Recruitment and learning more about Greek life, please visit: Saint Louis University Greek Life's Page


Rotationals NightTonight PNMs will be able to interact personally with the members of SLU's six sororities. PNMs will speak to women one-on-one, with topics generally including why they chose SLU, what they did in high school, why they are interested in joining a sorority, etc. 

Philanthropy Night:  
PNMs will be able to visit up to four chapters tonight. They will learn about each chapter's philanthropy and do an activity that pertains to their service. 

Preference Day: Today PNMs will visit up to two chapters. They will be able to talk more in-depth with members about their sorority experience and why their chapter is so important to them, as well as attend a special ceremony that is unique to each chapter.

Bid Day:  Today PNMs join their new chapter! If they receive a bid from a chapter, they join them that night for pictures and a fun activity with their new sisters!